Emirates Driving Institute (EDI) Jobs in Dubai

Dubai’s Emirates Driving Institute (EDI)  is ushering in a wave of promising career prospects, offering remuneration packages of up to 10,000 Dirhams. This announcement reflects the Emirates Driving Institute (EDI) steadfast dedication to elevating urban transportation services and bolstering city infrastructure.
Emirates Driving Institute (EDI) Jobs in Dubai
You should be aware of all the processes of Emirates Driving Institute (EDI), Other details like Education Qualification Details, Required Age Limit, Mode Of selection, Fee Details, and How to Apply for Roads and Transport Authority are given below…


Emirates Driving Institute (EDI)

Organization Name Emirates Driving Institute (EDI)
Job Type Various Jobs
Education Degree/ Diploma or Equivalent
Salary Attractive Package Provided
Benefits As per UAE labor law
Job Location Dubai

About Emirates Driving Institute (EDI)

The Emirates Driving Institute (EDI) is a well-known driving school in the United Arab Emirates, established in 1991. They offer a variety of courses for drivers of all levels, from beginners to those looking to enhance their skills.
What sets EDI apart is its use of modern technology, like simulators and advanced training vehicles, to provide effective and up-to-date driver education. The institute is dedicated to creating a positive learning environment, with experienced instructors ensuring that students not only learn the basics but also understand the importance of following traffic rules and safety guidelines.
One of EDI's strengths is its commitment to road safety, not just in training individual drivers but also through community initiatives. They actively promote responsible driving practices to contribute to safer roads.
In a nutshell, Emirates Driving Institute is a leading driving school in the UAE, offering quality training, incorporating modern methods, and actively advocating for road safety in the community.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Education: Have the required degree or certification.
  2. Experience: Meet the specified years of relevant work experience.
  3. Skills: Possess the necessary technical and soft skills.
  4. Certifications: If mentioned in the job description, ensure you have them.
  5. Language: Be proficient in the required language.
  6. Technical Proficiency: Have the necessary knowledge of specific tools or technologies.
  7. Legal Requirements: Be eligible to work in the country or region.
  8. Availability: Align your availability with the job requirements.
  9. Age: Ensure you meet any age requirements.
  10. Other Requirements: Check for any additional specified criteria, like a valid driver's license.


( last updated on 01.02.2024 )
Job Title Location Action
Light Vehicle Instructor – JOB Code 82 Dubai Apply Now
Customer Service Representative – JOB Code 61 UAE Apply Now
Light Vehicle Instructor – JOB Code 60 Dubai Apply Now
Motorcycle Riding Instructor – JOB Code 51 Dubai Apply Now

By following these steps, you'll be well on your way to applying for the roles offered by the Emirates Driving Institute (EDI) smoothly and efficiently. Make sure to tailor your application to each specific role and provide all the necessary documentation to enhance your chances of success.

Steps to Apply:

  • Find a Job: Look for a job you like on the internet or ask friends.
  • Read About the Job: See what the job is about and what they want from you.
  • Update Your Resume: Make your resume talk about what you're good at and what you've done before.
  • Write a Letter: Write a letter saying you really want the job and why you're perfect for it.
  • Get Your Papers: Get any papers they ask for, like certificates or letters from old jobs.
  • Fill in Forms: If there's a form online, put in your details.
  • Send Your Stuff: Send your application through the website or by email.

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